BodyPerfect believes that we need to target actual fat loss in every treatment. Controlling the fat breakdown process is the only way to provide true sustainable weight loss without exercise or diets. We divide the fat break down treatment process into 3 categories.

Corrective Steps

Mechanically break down the fats into easier to synthesize pieces. We use cryolipolysis, cavitation and radiofrequency to freeze fracture, blast and melt the fat layers respectively.

Freeze fractures fat clusters for more effective spot treatments.
40k cavitation blast fat cells to shrink volume.
RF localized heat for increased fat breakdown.
Biological Steps

Increase the metabolic / enzymatic activity to breakdown the fat. Our Signature Weight Loss programmes like ThermoJet, burn the broken down fat cells into water, co2 and urea. We also recommend a further detox via BrownFat Mobilisation System, which helps prevent the broken down fats from reforming from temperature control.

Signature fat burn series enhance metabolism to 300-800 kcal per treatment.
Convert the broken fat cells so they won’t reform.
Stimulative Steps

Heals and improve the body after treatment. Circulatory treatments like TCM and VelaSmooth improve the body’s natural drainage process. Tighten via wrapping bandages or collagen stimulative technology help recontour the newly fat-reduced cavities.

Increase lymphatic circulation and health.
Heals and tightens skin for better contours.