An all-natural holistic treatment combining advanced technology and the powerful benefits of ginger, an ingredient revered for centuries by many ancient cultures for its highly beneficial and medicinal properties.

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Boost calorie burn
Shrinks your waist
Tones flabby arms


BodyPerfect perfects the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies with a modern aesthetic programme for the busy asian woman. We understand the relationship between having healthy internal organs and the overall well-being of a person.

Instead of unhealthy dieting or taking slimming pills, our programmes are safe and natural with the finest products and ingredients for healthy slimming techniques that have zero dangerous potential side effects.

Try our signature Ginger Detox Divine Slim™ today and lose inches without having to worry about any negative side effects.

Our Treatment Philosophy



We enhance the traditional Guasha (刮痧), also known as “skin scraping therapy” with powered Magnetic Roller device to enhance preventive or therapeutic effects.

Better metabolism will be attained as Guasha stimulates blood flow, leading to increased blood circulation to improve the circulation of Qi across the body.



Ginger Essence Ampoule is carefully massaged to break down fat cells and reduce bloat, while encouraging digestion.



Intensive targeted tummy therapies targets soft fat to tone and strengthen the abdomen muscles, resulting in inches loss off the waistline.

Improve digestion rates and reduce malnutrition, combined with our SmartFibre and SmartCollagen program, allows the body to enhance weight management without unhealthy diets or pills. This procedure has been known to eliminate water tension, remove body toxins, simulate the digestive system and therefore trigger overall increased metabolism.




Who is it for?

Improves your body’s overall health and well-being while ensuring effective yet effortless results. Different age groups will find it invaluable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing stresses in the body for different reasons. With Gingerlite, your body can be relieved of unnecessary burdens and stressors allowing it to perform its best. If you relate to any problems listed below, Gingerlite can help.

20’s Gals

  • Sitting for long hours
  • Love to drink & stay up late
  • Eating unhealthy snacks & fast food
  • Brides-to-be aiming to get that last few inches off
  • Regular menstrual grievances such as bloating, water retention, and period discomfort

30’s Ladies

  • Fluctuating hormones, causing increased weight gain
  • Poor digestion, bloating, and water retention outside of your usual menstrual cycle
  • New mothers who desire to strengthen and firm up their bodies after the discomforts and effects of pregnancy

40’s Sophisticates

  • Hormonal imbalance causing poor sleep, mood swings, and bloating
  • Increased water retention
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Lack of a proper fitness regime
  • Poor diet

50’s Dames

  • Inflammation & water retention that cause discomfort and pain
  • Poor body circulation
  • Declining health caused increased weight gain, high cholesterol levels and/or high blood pressure
  • Sedentary lifestyle
Benefit of Ginger Detox Slimming
  • Reducing inflammation, & pain
  • Increasing blood flow & circulation
  • Detoxification
  • Relieving menstrual difficulties & cramps
  • Eliminating bloat & water retention
  • Improving metabolism & digestion to reduce excess weight
Our Awards


Q1. Are there any hidden costs or other charges?
No, there is none and we mean it! Free promotional treatment(s) and package(s) are exclusively for new female customers with weight concerns, aged 18 and above only. In addition, the prices of the slimming treatments at London Weight Management are inclusive of GST.

Q2. Is it true that I will lose 8-22cm in just 1 session?
Measurement and weight loss claims are based on the actual findings/evidence from our female customers. Although individual results may vary, we assure you that your treatment session(s) will provide incredible cm loss results.

Q3. Will I be forced to sign up for a body slimming package?
There is no hard selling of packages.. Your consultant may recommend a different package because our slimming treatments are customised to meet individual customer needs. Please note that it is at your discretion whether you wish to accept the offer or deny it.

Q5. How soon can I start a slimming programme after childbirth?
Natural birth – After one month
Caesarian (C-section) – After two months
We will not advise you to lose weight immediately or a few days after giving birth. Your body needs time to recover. Furthermore, you may want to wait until you have a post-natal check with your general practitioner (GP) before you start a body slimming programme.

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