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The Quick Guide to a healthier silhouette?
Enjoy 1 Aesthetic Wellness Treatment and improve your health @ at only $38 nett (worth $588).

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Quick Intro: Aesthetic Wellness Treatments!

Your body has amazing healing power that can reverse 20, 30, 40 years of body fat accumulation. You may only need 20, 30, 40 days with professional guidance to regain health and your dream silhouette. We want to reduce the time and effort of your weight loss journey by 70% or more.

There is no secret to effective weight loss and it can be achieve without constant strenuous exercise or hard dieting. Modern aesthetic technology can effective remove your type of fat deposits for instant cm loss. However, the body tends to reabsorb the broken down fats, especially if your body does not have good circulation. Hence, a detox drainage treatment is needed for best post treatment results.

BodyPerfect brings wellness to modern aesthetic treatments with the discovery of the ancient treatment of Moxibustion. This traditionally based treatment adds “energy” and clears meridian pathways for enhanced metabolism and healthy weight loss. We have found this combination to provide the most effective results for a large number of our clients!

Detailed Body Analysis with 2 Computerized Test &
1 Optional Revolutionary Test.

You will need 2 computerized test and full body measurement (for the 5cm loss guarantee* if you qualify) to start treatments. Our Slimming Coach or Assistants will guide you through the process. It’s not a medical report card, but these test can accurately determine your overall wellness.

Body Balance Composition.
Measures over 20 areas including fat percentage, lean muscle and water balance in the body. Water balance is very important and we like to see 45% hydration levels in our clients. Readings from this test allow us to determine the type of aesthetic technology you need to for best results.
Quantum Inner Health Test
This is more esoteric and offering insight to your inner organ health. With more than 60 readings, this test and can likely detect if you have an existing ailment like gastric or a fatty liver, or even pre-diabetic. Readings from this test allows us to target the right organs to improve your health.
DNASlim Test
With a mere drop of your DNA, we have collaborated with a Singapore-based Lab to provide you with the latest gene-based testing for you to understand and map out your natural genome expression. This test can help you understand your challenges and gifts as nature has bestowed you. We can customize lifestyle and diet advice that matches your body’s requirement to maximize health and wellness. This is a $500 per month option.
How does the 5CM loss or your money back challenge work?

We will provide a maximum of 2 visits to see this 5cm overall loss. This offer is only open to new females clients above 21, whom meet HSA eligibility here. Our Slimming Coach may accept you for this challenge even if you fall outside this criteria. We find “skinny fat” people hard to categorize as their BMI will not reflect their condition. Skinny fat is a very common condition that we can help successfully. Drop us a message if you are not sure if you qualify.

5cm loss is a sensible start to weight management without stressing the body. Because BodyPerfect’s targets actual fat loss and not body water reduction, your results are healthy and more permanent. Diets alone usually fail because the body naturally compensates for your caloric depletion in less than a week. Exercise can be very inefficient in creating the energy depletion for weight management.

Measurements will be taken before and after the treatment and results can be expected right after the very 1st treatment. If you do not qualify for the challenge, you can still enjoy the treatment but will not be entitled to the money back option.

Walkthrough of Aesthetic Technology.
Your Slimming coach will selection one of the following technologies based on your needs.

Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasound vibrations (positive and negative alternation of sound waves) produces a strong wave of pressure to fat cell membranes. As the membranes of fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations, the effect of cavitation easily breaks them, while sparing the vascular, nervous and muscular tissue. The cavitation treatment yields immediate and long-lasting results. Most of the clients experience 2 to 10 cm of circumference reduction after a single session with increasing results after each visit.


Lipo Laser uses 680nm wave length light energy to melt softer fat tissues away. A new laser technology, which can safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and target specific adipose (or fat) cells to release water and free fatty acid for the body to use as energy. The fat cells “shrink” significantly as they are gently released. Your assistant will secure the multi-diode paddles to targeted area to “melt” fats. There is no discomfort at all, just a warm sensation may be felt and the result can be measured from the very 1st treatment.

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency

Multi-Polar RF Body probe utilizes RF Energy that focuses on both the skin and fat cells. This penetrates the skin and impacts the collagen-rich dermal tissue directly. The vibrational waves induces the production of new elastin and collagen without damaging healthy tissues controlled depth and focused energy is completely safe and extremely effective delivering results that is visible from the very first treatment. All these with no pain, no downtime and no scars.

Drainage of the lymphatic system.

For the best post treatment results, the released water and toxins “floating” within the body will need to be removed before body reabsorption. The sea salt -based AquaDrain Wrap increases metabolic burn and flushes out toxins. Target areas will be wrapped with AquaDrain and slimming matrix cream before relaxing in an infra-red heated blanket to complete the detoxification process. (20mins)

Moxibustion and Brown Fat Mobilisation.

If there is a secret sauce for sustained slimming results, BodyPerfect combines the above treatments with moxibustion and brown fat mobilization, at least once a week. This gives your body the ability to:

Release trapped fats for use as energy for exercise
Focus on areas that are resistant to diet and exercises
Flush out impurities while attacking the superficial fats
Tighten skin and smoothen cellulites

Moxibustion is based on traditional Chinese remedy that “opens” the lymphatic channels to organ health. This improves the organ function and wellness of the body. Often, new clients will feel energized after treatment.

Brown Fat Mobilization coaxes the synthesis of brown fat. This unique fat cell targets the breakdown of superficial white fat cells. Your body will be able to function at a higher metabolism rate without the need for strenuous exercise. The excess food intake will also not follow the usual pathway of being stored as excess fat.

Diet and Detox

Our Slimming coach will recommend a 3 day diet plan to cleanse the body with your first treatment for best post treatment results. We can also further customize your diet with a DNASlim programme that understands your body’s natural absorption rate and deficiencies. For the ultimate weight loss results, treatments and diet plans will be tailored for 2 or more visits a week for 8 weeks.

7 days power detox plan that gets you to 1 dress size down.
Importance of water and how it helps you lose weight
Negative calorie diet and how it keeps you full naturally yet lose weight
Knowing your ideal weight and how to achieve it progressively
Know what’s stopping you and how to overcome it
Power affirmations that keep you on track
Effortless techniques to banish cravings and binge eating

Look good with all the wellness benefits from weight management
Thunder Thighs
Eliminates your thunder thighs and convert them into strong, tone and beautiful legs. Reduce circulatory issues like water retention and varicose veins.
Buttock Lift
Let us help you sculpt your curves so your clothes fit better. Reduce up to 5cm from your problem areas in one visit*
Sugar Belly
Get rid of that muffin top and shed that bulge. Reduce visceral fat and risk of health complications from high sugar intake.
No Crash Diet. No Injection.
No Slimming Pills
Our comprehensive programmes combine science and traditional therapies to dissolve fat and improve water circulation. Increaseing metabolism by up to 100% for 24 hours or more.
No Strenuous Workouts.
Create more energy burn by thermogenesis than exercise alone can achieve. By trick your body into Brown Fat Mobilization, we create a powerful weight management programme that can double your fat naturally.

Before and After

At BodyPerfect, we have extensive knowledge and vast experience to provide you with the desired
outcomes. View our Before and After images to see the amazing results from real people.

* Results shown above may vary between individuals

Customers with any of the following conditions are not suitable to receive slimming treatments:

Edema | Underweight | Over 65 years old | Having skin disease or have rashes | Pregnant women or women during menstruation | Epileptic | Within 3 months after operation | Acute inflammation or skin disorder | Mental disorder | Heart diseases or with heart pacemaker | Kidney or gall-stone issues | Embedded foreign object or silica gel on areas to be treated | On Birth control | Hypersensitive skin or eczema.

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I am slimmer than ever before I had my 3 beautiful kids. How many women can say that?
Celebrity Mom

Joey Swee – Lost 5kg in 8 weeks

After attending 2 sessions in 5 days, I actually lost 1.2kg and 16cm overall! I can’t wait for the next treatment to come!

Janice Fion – Lost 28″ overall in 2 sessions

BodyPerfect understand my root problems and effectively remove my fats that build up over the years. Making my body aesthetically move more beautiful!

SG Budget Babe – Lost 11.25′ overall in 4 weeks

Swimsuit Catwalks are not a problem when BodyPerfect is with me!
SMU 2016 Finalist

Shona Woo – Got her swimsuit perfect body in 2 weeks